We love building the bikes you love riding

At Forge Bikes, we have bikes to fit every riding style, quality, and comfort. Check out our great selection of high quality affordable road bikes, mountain bikes, comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, and beach cruiser bikes, and are sure to find the bicycle you're looking for.

If you aim to hit the road, Forge Bikes has some the best road bikes, the best comfort bikes, and the best cruiser bikes to fit your budget and riding style. Our aluminum frame road bikes are light and strong to give you outstanding performance and durability. Our rust free cruiser bikes are made of top of the line aluminum and give you exceptional comfort and performance with cool sleek designs in men's cruiser bikes and chic women's cruiser bikes. Comfort, style, and performance come together again in our cool selection of comfort bikes for men and comfort bikes for women.

If you prefer of road, these exceptional performance affordable mountain bikes, including full suspension mountain bikes and hard tail mountain bikes, that will make you love to ride your favorite mountain trails. Our full suspension all-aluminum light weight mountain bicycles are designed to fit budget and riding style without compromising quality, durability, and comfort.

Forge Bikes' innovative designs combined with our commitment to exceptional performance and value mean the biking experience you're looking is here just waiting for you.

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Forge Bikes

Lazy Sunday afternoon cruises around the neighborhood or freely winding your way are lumbering morning traffic. Flying through the switchbacks your favorite piece of singletrack or attacking the pavement at wind, rain and snow. Touring the countryside without worrying about these mileage. At Forge, love building the bikes you love riding.